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UX + Brand Direction + Responsive Web Design.
Project Overview
A startup company came to me looking for a responsive website design. The project involved designing out a style guide, component library, wireframes, and high fidelity mockups.
Project Contributions
I was the lead designer for this project. My contributions consisted of establishing a brand style guide and building the component library. Once I established those and they were signed off on I began laying out the site architecture and general user experience of the site with another designer. I then began wire-framing, and lastly moved to high fidelity mockups based off the wireframes. Once the mockups were done I worked closely with the front end developers to help build the front end of the site after handoff. The tasks on the design side of the project were completed within two weeks and the company quickly brought me on full time shortly after to begin work as a design lead for one of their desktop product applications called SlideDrive, that was built off of the React.js library.

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